When grief hits like a wave in the ocean
Signs you may never think to consider-Teen Suicide

In response to: Michigan lacks much-needed mental-health support for K-12 students


School I will never forget the day my husband approached me and said, “I want to open my own counseling practice.” When I asked, “Why?”

He stated “Because I want to change the world one person at a time. I know that might seem lofty but that is what I want to do.” “If we can make one person better, that improves a family, which helps our community be healthier, which helps our world.”

         In order for us to change the world one person at a time, we knew it would take sacrifice and hard work. We opened our first practice in 2010. Today we own three practices in the greater Grand Rapids area and see thousands of patients a month.  Our mission continues.

Where there is a need. We plan to fill it.

         A couple of months ago, Lindsay Bryan, one of our office managers, approached me about a need she heard of at our local school. She heard that children were waiting on a list to receive mental health care. Lindsay knew right away, that children sitting on a waiting list to get care, was unacceptable, and did not support our mission. Lindsay took action and had a meeting with school personnel. As a result, Joe Martino Counseling will begin providing free serves to the local school.

         An article posted on April 11, 2018, on Mlive, stated:

“One in five children in the country ages 3 through 17 have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder in a given year, but only 20 percent of those children are ever diagnosed and receive treatment. If they get help at all, it is usually at school. “


         The Joe Martino Counseling Network prides itself in being a teaching agency. We employ a large number of interns (residents) every semester and work with several local universities to train the next generation of counselors, psychologists and social workers. Through our internship program, we are able to provide free or reduced services to local schools.


No child should be waiting to get help. If you work at school, and you have children that need services, please contact our office. Will you join us in changing the world one person at a time?

Joe Martino Counseling Network has three offices:


Creative Solutions Counseling

2305 East Paris Ave Suite 203

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Joe Martino Counseling

11630 Fulton St

Lowell, MI 49331



Joe Martino Counseling-Grandville

3181 Prairie St SW

Grandville, MI 49418



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