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100 reasons why I love my husband

My husband and I decided about 10 years ago that celebrating Valentines Day would no longer be feasible. You see, we now have three birthdays in the same week of February and our anniversary the week after. Since we have not found the money tree, something had to go.

Me and Joe

When we first met, Valentines Day was one of our favorite holidays. The holiday represents love and I was and still am, madly in love with this man. Since we cannot do anything wild and crazy on Valentines Day I thought I would tell you 100 reasons why I love my husband so much!

  1. He pursues my heart
  2. He loves me and the children with all his heart
  3. He gets such a kick out of himself and most days I find him pretty funny too   Hearts
  4. He is passionate about life
  5. He dreams big
  6. He enjoys a variety of food
  7. He is witty
  8. He is sarcastic
  9. He is strong
  10. He is king
  11. He loves people
  12. He is a hard worker
  13. He enjoys conversation
  14. He loves a good book
  15. He is a great conversationalist
  16. He knows me inside and out
  17. He gives the best hugs
  18. He challenges me to be a better person
  19. He dates my children
  20. He tells me all the time how much he loves me
  21. I can trust him with the deepest longings of my soul
  22. He is the cutest deer hunter I have ever seen
  23. He has this intimidating look to him that makes it hard for others to read
  24. He will randomly clean my kitchen for me without me asking him to
  25. He is extremely sexy holding an axe and chopping wood
  26. He is a passionate speaker
  27. He reads me
  28. I trust him with my emotions
  29. He will do randomly weird things with me like play and sing in the rain
  30. He plans romantic getaways for us
  31. He is touches me many times a day (this is not in a perverted way)
  32. He has a passion for orphans in other countries and financially supports them
  33. He is crazy about Nascar
  34. He is wise
  35. He loves knowledge and eats it up
  36. He purses godliness
  37. He says things like it is and pulls no punches
  38. If I need him. He is there. No questions asked.
  39. There is no one in this world I can laugh with and be silly with like my husband
  40. He is competitive
  41. He enjoys trying new restaurants
  42. He builds my daughters self-esteem
  43. He has taught me that loyalty is everything
  44. He is wild and crazy
  45. He will try anything because he will not let fear stop him
  46. He self evaluates constantly
  47. He spoils me
  48. He protects me
  49. He protects my kids
  50. He is incredibly good looking. I just love looking at him
  51. It is fun to watch his eyes dance when he thinks he can beat me at something
  52. He is a wild and crazy driver
  53. He wakes up early
  54. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat
  55. He has a passion for music and loves listening to it
  56. I have hardly ever seen him wake up in a bad mood
  57. He loved his mom fiercely
  58. He treasures things and keep them safe
  59. He loves animals
  60. He enjoys nature
  61. He believes people can change
  62. He enjoys a good story
  63. He is a good actor
  64. He knows about every sport
  65. He will defend what he believes in
  66. He is a good leader
  67. He is an influencer
  68. He looks sexy in hats
  69. He has a diverse wardrobe
  70. He is wild at heart (Hence his motorcycle)
  71. He loves our son and plays with him
  72. He enjoys playing on the PlayStation and is so cute when he yells at it like it hears him
  73. He will put things together for me
  74. He loves nature and camping
  75. He has helped me not be so uptight
  76. He has believed in me like no one ever has
  77. He has sacrificed for our family so I could be a stay at home mom
  78. He has worked some of the worst jobs to support us
  79. He hardly ever complains about life
  80. His heart hurts when other hurt
  81. He loves his family
  82. He will reach out to people others would never dream to talk to
  83. He is sensitive
  84. He loves buying new clothes and I love watching him pick things out
  85. He likes country music and looks extremely sexy in a pair of cowboy boots
  86. He will do the driving on long trips just because I do not want to
  87. He loves to preach
  88. He loves Fords
  89. He can shoot a gun
  90. He defends his family
  91. He listens to me
  92. He helps me be a better person
  93. He is great at his job
  94. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thinks it would help you
  95. He dreams big
  96. He believes in happily ever after’s
  97. He has the most unbelievable eyes
  98. His eyes tell a story without him even opening his mouth
  99. He gets into weird things with me like oils and Himalaya lights
  100. He life vision is to change his community

The power of positive word


Have you ever noticed it is easier to tell someone what they are doing wrong or how they can change instead of telling them what they are doing well? I wonder why this is? Words are powerful!

When I was newly married I spent the majority of days telling my husband what he did wrong. One day I decided to try something new and affirm him and thank him. It was amazing how I got different results! I noticed he wanted to do things to make me happy and enjoyed hearing me tell him how much he means to me. It even works great with my children!

Before it worked I had to change my thinking from

“I don’t need to say thank you, after all he lives her too!”


“I appreciate you no matter what”


It did not happen over night, the change that is, it took time, but now it is habit.

My challenge for you this week is to tell the people in your lives thank you or I appreciate ______(this thing you did). Don’t bring up the negatives like “You always do this or never do that” just focus on positives for one week.

            Let me know what happens. Did you get different results? Send me an email or comment on this post.